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At United Smart Tech, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for your organization’s technology solutions. Specializing in connected device solutions and communications technology, we work to deliver amazing results that help our clients pursue their inspirations to the fullest. Our process is simple and straightforward - whether you need ten or ten thousand technicians, we are fully capable of satisfying your firm’s needs.

Our leaders boast over a decade of experience in this industry. (Yes, we know we are getting old, but like fine wine, our expertise betters with age). We combine this high-level of knowledge with a deep understanding of today’s cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service from industry leading experts. Over the years, United Smart Tech has established itself as one of the best options for AV installation, Smart Home integration, Cable and Internet Maintenance, and Drop Bury services throughout the Southern United States .

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"Brilliant!!! Fixed many problems with my iPhone that a cell repair store told me we’re unfixable. I was thrilled!!!  Feels like I have a new phone. My tech was friendly and welcoming. I will be calling them soon to fix the WiFi etc in my home. Thanks, guys!!!!"

"I like the quick, next day scheduling for my screen repair. I also like the fact that the technician came to my home to fix the phone instead of having to mail it to the service center. The best part of the whole experience, I was able to keep my same phone and no data was lost."
"The guy who fixed my phone was really nice and 10/10 someone I would recommend. He was super professional! I also loved the convenience of someone coming to my workplace and having them fix my phone within 30 minutes. It was so quick and easy and did not hinder my ability to do my job."
"Excellent customer service both technicians were very knowledgeable and very friendly it was an absolute joy to have them here and it was so convenient for me to be able to have someone come into my home and fix my phone immediately rather than going through sending a Phone in to get fixed. I would recommend it to all my friends!"
"Great service! The repair tech, Isreal, was prompt and on time. He allowed me to watch the process and even answered my 20 questions about how my phone works. Service was quick and my phone works like new again. I would certainly recommend!"