How Technology is Changing Today’s Remote Workers

  • More than 3 in 4 freelancers cite technology as the main reason it’s easier to find work. Just a scant 4 years ago, only 42% of freelancers found work online. Today, 64% of freelancers find their projects online, a 22 point increase.
  • Freelancers spent over 1.07 billion hours working remotely in 2018, compared to 998 million hours per week freelancing in 2015.
  • Technology enables freelancers to scout out online, tech-savvy skills-related training: 70% of freelancers surveyed took part in education or training in the last 6 months compared to 49% of full-time employees.
  • Skills-related training is more likely for both freelancers and non-freelancers to help them stay abreast of changing technology, with 33% of those surveyed looking to increase their computer skills.
  • 67% of full-time freelancers claim the industry is changing more quickly compared to 3 years ago, and a full 76% say technology makes it easier to find work.
  • In 2014, 42% of freelancers said they found work online, while in 2018, a full 64% are finding online opportunities thanks to technology.

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